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Why don’t you wear makeup? Would you ever tweeze your eyebrows? Those are questions I get asked most of the time.

I have nothing against makeup. And it’s not because of “I want to be as natural as possible.” I don’t wear it because I’ve never felt or seen the need to. I genuinely believe that there are people makeup is meant for and those that it isn’t, and I’m the latter.

I think I’d look weird wearing makeup. I think it’s just one of those things that will make a situation bad that better. The only “makeup” I put on lipstick. I love shopping for them. So, where makeup is concerned that’s as far as I go.

Tweezing my eyebrows they ask, maybe for a special occasion, like my wedding I’d do it. But nje, Nah! My eyebrows aren’t that full, tweezing them would be me calling for disaster because that would mean I’d have to use a lot of eyeliner or whatever it is people use on their eyebrows nowadays.

Today I went lipstick free. It was just me and the lip balm. One thing about me is that I put a lot of emphasis on my outfit. Getting that right is important to me. When my outfit is on point and I look good in it, that’s all that matters.

I’m not ruling out the possibility of wearing makeup one day. That one day has not yet come.

How often do you make up? If you don’t, please share your reasons if any.



I keep on hearing that kitten heels are for oldies and no youngster should wear them. That kitten heels make you look like you are walking on nipples, lol! 

Let’s be honest, in spite of them making a fashion comeback, kitten heels are comfortable. I literally can walk more than a kilometer in them, which is not the case in high heels.

I’m for wearing heels you can walk in and that you’ll be comfortable in. If you’re comfortable wearing any form of heels; be it kitten, block, high heels or platforms, wear it. Be careful not to conform to what the world deems acceptable or not in the choice of heels you prefer to wear.

What is the point of wearing heels that make you look like someone is pushing you or make you look like a baby kangaroo when walking? Wear what feels good to you, at the end of the day it is YOU who has to walk in them.

I’m wearing:

Statement sweat top and pleated skirt ~ Mr Price| Roll neck and patent kitten heels~ Foschini 


For the longest time I would never tuck in, be it a Tee or shirt. I felt I’d be exposing my “mkhaba” ( tummy). After turning 31 it’s like a light switch turned off, I had a change of emotions. I woke up one day and did not care if my tummy was exposed or not. I’m a mother, this tummy did not appear from nowhere. Even if it did,so what, it’s my tummy! 

I took out the clothes that I was not comfortable wearing and decided to wear them more often. This polka dot pleated skirt is one of them. Before, I would be uncomfortable wearing it with a Tee or shirt tucked in. Every time I fitted it and looked at myself in the mirror, I’d turn red with embarrassment. But not anymore! I’ve become comfortable in my body and I’m going to embrace it!

Have you had any issues with any part of your body? How did you overcome them?


Siblings fight all the time, it would somehow be weird if I were to hear there are siblings who have never fought, be it physically or verbally. Then there’s sibling rivalry, the scary s**t that I don’t even want to imagine happening to me and my siblings or anybody for that matter.

This world is full of people who will be in competition with you, whether silently or boldly showing you, but when it is your sibling, it’s on another level.

I’ve never and will never think of competing with anyone let alone my brother or sister. Our passion for one is not the same. Our vision is not the same. I’m a creative, love the arts and anything that has to do with it. My sister is your office person, passionate about Human Resources and does a sterling job at it. My brother is in engineering, electrical and boiler making. Now, how?How do I begin competing with them? We are so different, our niche is different. 

In all honesty, sibling rivalry sucks! The only thing brothers and/ or sisters should be doing and showing is love. Having each other’s back, being the shoulder to cry on. Not be in competition and jealousy.

I’m wearing: 

Outfit 1: Trench coat(oldie) ~ Mango| Cartoon sweater~ Mr Price| Culottes ~ Foschini| Ankle boots~ The Fix

Outfit 2: Check Jacket~ Jet|Jumpsuit~ Mr Price| Shoes~ Polo

Outfit 3: Bomber jacket ~ Legit| Jumpsuit ~ Mr Price| Lace up block heels~ Zoom

Outfit 4: Check blazer(oldie) ~ Legit|Skinny jeans and kitten heels ~Mr Price







When I put this outfit together I was in a party mood! Thinking of me and my girls going out for drinks just to let our hair down. Because the nights are getting colder, going out at night for me is to be on pause for now. In my head it’s a mid-afternoon date. A little sexy slip on dress with a sleeveless biker jacket paired with ankle boots is a winner!

But for those that can brace the colder nights, throw a coat over the shoulders or wear a roll neck or a light pullover jersey under the slip on dress, with tights. But don’t hide the dress, it’s too gorgeous not to be shown.

Enjoy your date! Xoxo























Sleeveless biker jacket and slip on dress from Mr Price

Metallic gold ankle boots from The fix



It is a long way before my son goes to tertiary or gets married (if he does) but I’m freaking out like it’s happening tomorrow. The thought of him living away from us does not sit well with me. Knowing that one day he’s going to leave mommy and daddy to start a life of his own, to learn to stand up for himself, responsibilities and all, gives me the jitters. I think I’m going to be the mom that I vowed, when I was younger, that I would not be. The mom that is always calling when the child is away. The mom that wants to drop off the child, be wherever it is that the child is going, wait in the car until they’re done.

I want my son to be a responsible person when he’s older. To be able to do things for himself one day and not solely depend on his parents until donkey years. Yet again, I want him to live with me till donkey years*hides*. I speak about son “for now” because he’s my only baby. I know when I have a baby girl I’ll feel the same way too.

Mommy’s do you feel the same way about your children too? Do you experience anxiety when you think of your babies going out there in the big bad world? Or do you think that I’m being ridiculous and clingy? I can’t help it, especially when I think of all the terrible things going on out there in the streets. I panic. I get the what if’s all the time.

I pray for my son everyday. I pray for his well-being and for God to bring good people in his life. That gives me comfort knowing that he is and always will be looked after by the Almighty. But the mommy in me doesn’t think i’ll be able to let go.







Sleeveless coat and ruffle shirt from MR Price

Pants from Mango

Shoes from Polo





Often when a child misbehaves phrases like “he/she was not taught well at home” or “who wouldn’t turn out bad with parents like that” are heard.

Is the behavior of a child or the way they “turn” out in life (negative sense) really the fault of the parents? Let’s take in a household of more than one child. They all turn out good, except for one. That one child misbehaves and does all the opposite things that his/her siblings do. In such a scenario is it fair to say the parents are the reason the one child turned out bad? Maybe they favored the other children more perhaps? Or they secretly taught them good manners, instilled good values and let the other child be?  I say negative sense because when a child behaves well parents automatically get the props. But it is not always because of the parents because you do find parents who couldn’t care less what happens to the child but the child turns out well on their own because the drive/ passion is in them.

Let’s take another scenario, all the children did not complete school except for one.  Given the same opportunities, the one child managed to complete school. Do we blame the parents that the other children didn’t put in that much effort as their sibling? Note: they all had an equal opportunity. I’m not talking about a household where there was no option but to send only one child to school.


Taking myself as an example, there are some things my parents sat me down and spoke to me about, giving me advice on them, things that would have been detrimental to my health or future but I went ahead and did them anyway. And again it was me who sat myself down and realized that after all it is my life and it is up to me to make something good out of it and I did just that. Had I chosen to do the opposite, not study further and be a couch potato, go out with friends every day and not care about anything, would it be fair to point the finger at my parents and say it was their fault? No! Of course not! It would have been my fault.

I personally believe we are responsible for our own actions and behavior. The saying “You can take a horse to the river but you cannot force it to drink” applies here. Parents play a role but to a certain extent. They can provide for their children but they can’t force them to do something. They can pay for a year’s tuition but if the child does not have the urge to study, school fees paid up or not, they won’t. They can sit a child down and tell them about the dangers of alcohol abuse or smoking drugs but if the child wants to experiment, they will.

I ask again, is the behavior of a child or the way they turn out really the fault of the parents?





I’m wearing:

MR Price Floral Shirt and Capri Pants

The Fix Strappy kitten heels

Photography: @artistik_style_photography




Lol,lol,lol… Why am I laughing you may ask, because I heard the most bizarre thing ever! A mother not speaking to her 10 year old daughter! Hey??*puzzled look* How does that happen. According to her (mother), this cute looking little girl lost her school jersey. First let’s address the “how I know this” part. I overheard her telling the cashier at one of my favorite clothing stores. I swear I was not eaves dropping, but as we all know ears don’t have doors, they hear everything even when you don’t want to… there, done!

To continue, she was so mad at her daughter that she was not talking to her. She claimed she did not speak to her all the way from school to the shops and she’s planning not to. I stood there thinking, I don’t know to what extent a child would have to go for me to say I am mad at him/her. Let us define a child: According to The Children’s Act of 2005 in line with section 28 (3) of the Constitution, any person under 18, unless married or emancipated by order of court, is a child. Having read that, it’s safe to conclude that the child age is between 0-18 years.

Between the 0-18 years, some teenagers are a story for another day. But let’s talk about the age where they have not yet hit puberty and the world still seems a fairy tale and nothing could go wrong, safely 0-12 years. At this tender age all they know is playing, eating, watching cartoons, sleeping etc… Yet there’s a person who can say they are not talking to or mad at a child.

How do you stay mad at someone that looks like a zombie when they come home from playing with their friends, so tired they can barely keep their eyes open, fall asleep while eating dinner, don’t remember being carried to bed when they dozed off on the couch while watching TV?



If I may give my opinion or view on the matter, do not become emotional when addressing or dealing with an issue concerning the actions of the child. Instead try to understand what could have led to them doing what they did. As much they are forgiving beings, who don’t hold grudges whatsoever, they’re also fragile beings. Maybe in the situation above the mother could have told her child that the next time she loses her jersey, the money to buy another one will be taken from her allowance or she won’t get this or that because the money will be used to buy a new jersey. And if it does happen that she loses it again, the mother stick to her word to teach her the consequences of her actions. But to take the decision that she’s not talking to her, I disagree.





Photograhpy: @artistik_style_photography

I’m wearing:

Shealing jacket (oldie) from Legit

Ruffle top and striped boyfriend jeans from Mr Price

Block heel sandals from Jet



I read and I quote “Babies under a year can absorb any language, storing all the sounds and patterns easily and effortlessly, creating a blueprint in the brain. If exposed to only one language that will be the dominant language, but if exposed to two, three or more languages, a child will be able to speak them all.” Unquote


What I find disturbing is when the dominant language spoken to the child is any other but the mother tongue. In my observation, the language mostly spoken is English. You’ll find in a IsiZulu household the children are spoken to in English. There is nothing wrong in speaking the English language, but in my view I find it disturbing when it is the dominant language. The question that arises is what could lead to English being the dominant language? Are we that ashamed of our mother tongue, being it Sesotho,  IsiNdebele, IsiXhosa etc. that we would want to engage with our children in a language other than their own?

Many would argue that English is a universal language and it would make communication easier or they (children) will be able to better express themselves  when they get older and go out there to the corporate / business world. But we grew up with our parents speaking to us in our mother tongue and yet here we are being able to express ourselves fluently in English. So practically speaking, it doesn’t warrant that if the dominant language is the mother tongue, a child will not be able to express themselves fluently.

What I’ve come to observe is that cultures like the English, the Afrikaans, e.g. don’t compromise when it comes to their mother tongue. I see it when out at the shopping mall or restaurant, they speak their mother tongue. You wouldn’t find them talking any other language amongst themselves, especially to their children. I should think that it doesn’t mean that they don’t want their children not to speak any other language but for them to know and speak their mother tongue fluently and to be proud of it.

And that’s why I enjoy watching #Papapennyahe because he embraces his language and culture. He doesn’t compromise on it and it is what he has instilled in his family.



IMG_4025-600x900Photography: @artistik_style_photography

I’m wearing: Bomber jacket and pleated dress from Legit. Lace up heels from Grand Shoe.



Oh the truth in this quote though!!! Since I’ve started the concept of positive thinking, I rarely see the bad in situations. I don’t know if it’s the universe aligning my thoughts to my actions or is it just the positive mindset that leads me to act and live positively.

I’m no guru or Ms know it all regarding  laws of attraction, but what I do know is that a positive mind leads to  positive thoughts which in turn leads to positive actions. Yes there are times when no matter what you try to do things just happen the way they want to happen. I’ve been frustrated a couple of times, I’ve been in situations where I wanted to throw in the towel but the instance I allowed the emotions to just be, do whatever it is it thinks it wants to do, I found myself slowly reverting to speaking positively to myself.



I’ve met both positive and negative women in my lifetime. The latter always finding fault in a situation even when there’s good in it, if only they could see it. I always tell them that there is something phenomenal in speaking words of encouragement to yourself. I’ve done it both, speaking down on myself and speaking positively. I’ve found that the latter was more rewarding. You feel so good afterwards and honestly nothing and no one can bring you down from there on. It is not always easy to see the positive in a situation when all hope is lost, but tuning your mind with positive thoughts can make things easier to bear or think of.

 When things get to a point where positive thinking just flys out the window and doesn’t want to come back,  I say the following to myself:

‘Yiguqule eyami intando. Ifanise naye Yakho. Susa konke ukwesaba. Mayenzeke intando Yakho.’

Convert my will. To be like Yours. Remove all fear. Let Your will be done.’