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A week after this photo shoot I found out I was pregnant. This particular day, I was feeling excellent. It was just cold, but either than that, it was a beautiful day. I was so looking forward to writing a blog post about this outfit. I love everything about it and I just couldn’t wait to share it with you all.

I got home all amped up and I couldn’t stop looking at the pics and smiling, I just wanted to share them right away. But as we know, with every post there has to be planning and content to be prepared, I didn’t want to put up mediocre work just for the sake of posting. I wanted you to have the best and feel exactly what I felt about what I was posting. I postponed the posting for a day or two (so I thought), the two days became three, a week and a month later.

I was feeling fine until I did a home pregnancy test and got a confirmation from the Doctor. It’s as if the pregnancy switch just went on, on some aha I got you! That evening I didn’t sleep well at all. The nausea was so terrible it felt like my internal organs wanted to come out up my throat. And that was the beginning of it all. That is how I felt from the moment I woke up till I went to bed in the evening.

The mornings began (and still do) with the puking. Throughout the day is the nausea, the constant headaches and the fatigue. The annoying part of this all is ‘dammed if I eat, dammed if I don’t”. I googled ways to try and ease the morning sickness, err maybe all day sickness, and found advice on how one should eat small meals regularly, try drinking fluids min 8 glasses a day, try taking naps etc. The minute I put something in my mouth it’s as if the little one inside me is on some, “take it back, take it back, I don’t want it!” and when I don’t eat it’s like a little voice will be saying “hello, it’s time to feed me!”

With all of that going on, at the back of my head I still had the urge that I haven’t done a post in a while. The ideas are flowing but the energy to execute them is nowhere. This all day sickness is draining me! All I want to do is lie down and listen to it play with me the way it wants to. Some days are better and some are worse! But on the better days I try to enjoy the moment because I know it won’t last.

I’m looking forward to the day the sickness subsides, better yet, totally gone! I miss doing what I love. I miss connecting with you all and sharing ideas with you. I miss feeling good and looking fabulous.

Hopefully it’ll be soon. Until then, here’s a pick of the last photo shoot where I felt “human”.







Outfit from Mr Price

Styled by me


When I put together these outfit ideas I had you, style and comfort in mind. 

Office wear transformed. Embroidered dress with strap heels. Accessorize with cat eye sunglasses. 

 Here I swapped the biker jacket with a striped top and the ankle boots with the strap heels. I love how the clash of print compliment each other.

 Biker jacket, plaid pants and peep toe ankle boots; a great casual office look. 

  I love the versatility of this outfit. It can be worn on a date or to the office. I put together a metallic bomber with a velvet top, paired with striped skirt and lace up ankle boots.

 This outfit I chose for a lunch date. A knit paired with boyfriend jeans and block heels. Accessorize with clear glasses and a clutch bag.

For a movie date or a day at the mall, I chose the graphic sweater paired with black joggers and beige ankle boots with gold heels.

Please share with me which one of the above outfits is your favorite.


How excited was I when I tried on this trench coat and it was a perfect fit! I’m petite, so finding a coat that fits well is hard. Especially because I’m large chested so I have to accommodate my “girls” when buying.

The other day I was shopping around looking for a trench coat. I went to about 5 stores and I could not find something that fitted me the way I wanted it to. I was about to give up until I went to Woolworths. To be honest, my budget was a bit tight. I said to myself, go see what they have then decide from there.

I do that a lot, talking to myself. I keep myself company and I don’t have to ask someone to go shopping with me. I like taking my time, fit countless outfits if I must and leave the store being satisfied without feeling I left something out. I don’t want someone rushing me or having to feel I’m taking up their time.

When I go to Woolworths the first section I go to is studio.W, mainly because the style of clothing is versatile. It is chic/urban. Whenever I buy something from the brand I know I can wear it to work or when I’m at leisure. 

There I was doing my rounds as usual and there it was, perfect color I thought, military green. The second thought was, is it going to fit me well? The only way to find out was to try it on. It fitted like a glove, it fitted like it was tailor made for me! The arm length, breast width, height length, it was perfect! The joy in my heart, I had to have it! It’s what I’ve been looking for.

Thinking back to how I’ve been struggling to find the perfect trench coat, I had to talk to myself (once again) that I must sacrifice something for the coat. I did. I sacrificed going to have my favorite meal at Simply Asia and a glass or two of wine.

But looking at this trench coat, it was worth it! 

I’m wearing: 

Trench coat, cargo pants and block heels ~ Woolworths | Chiffon top ~ Edgars 


I honestly do not believe in spending thousands and thousands of rands to look good or to show you have style. I know women (and men) who wear expensive clothes but lack style.

Style is knowing how to put items of clothing together, look good in them without you spending a fortune. I can literally wear an outfit, from head to toe, which would have cost me less than six hundred rands.

Of course there will be days where you’d want to treat yourself to something expensive. I do that, after all a woman deserves to spoil and pamper herself.

What I want us to break away from is the notion that expensive clothes equals style. No, sense style of style is how you apply your mind when putting outfit ideas together, it is buying classic items that you will be able to wear in years to come. Sense of style is being able to walk into a store, make the most of your budget and walk out with clothes love and will be comfortable in.

Can I ask that you give yourself time. On a day when you’re not busy, go do window shopping. See which affordable clothing stores you would spend your money at. Check out the quality of their clothes, pick your favorites. I promise you, you will never go wrong. You will look good and still have extra cash to buy yourself a chocolate. 😃

I’m wearing:

Blazer and leopard print heels(oldie)~ Mr Price| Military green cargo pants~ Woolworths| Handbag~ Church street flea market 


I keep on hearing that kitten heels are for oldies and no youngster should wear them. That kitten heels make you look like you are walking on nipples, lol! 

Let’s be honest, in spite of them making a fashion comeback, kitten heels are comfortable. I literally can walk more than a kilometer in them, which is not the case in high heels.

I’m for wearing heels you can walk in and that you’ll be comfortable in. If you’re comfortable wearing any form of heels; be it kitten, block, high heels or platforms, wear it. Be careful not to conform to what the world deems acceptable or not in the choice of heels you prefer to wear.

What is the point of wearing heels that make you look like someone is pushing you or make you look like a baby kangaroo when walking? Wear what feels good to you, at the end of the day it is YOU who has to walk in them.

I’m wearing:

Statement sweat top and pleated skirt ~ Mr Price| Roll neck and patent kitten heels~ Foschini 


For the longest time I would never tuck in, be it a Tee or shirt. I felt I’d be exposing my “mkhaba” ( tummy). After turning 31 it’s like a light switch turned off, I had a change of emotions. I woke up one day and did not care if my tummy was exposed or not. I’m a mother, this tummy did not appear from nowhere. Even if it did,so what, it’s my tummy! 

I took out the clothes that I was not comfortable wearing and decided to wear them more often. This polka dot pleated skirt is one of them. Before, I would be uncomfortable wearing it with a Tee or shirt tucked in. Every time I fitted it and looked at myself in the mirror, I’d turn red with embarrassment. But not anymore! I’ve become comfortable in my body and I’m going to embrace it!

Have you had any issues with any part of your body? How did you overcome them?


Last week Saturday the face of Maboneng fashion week was chosen. A stunning lady by the name of Bianca Mabaso was crowned the new face for 2017. The minute I saw her, I knew that she was the one I was going to vote for. She exuded the personality the brand Maboneng stands for.

House of Kongo was showcasing some of their latest designs that day. Bianca wore them elegantly. Her poise, her walk, her face kept us glued to her. Her presence just draws you and makes you want to look at her more and more.

I don’t know Bianca personally but I’m super proud of her and may she fly ‘her’ flag high and reach for the stars.

I’m wearing: 

Embroidered Peplum top from New Look

 Ankle grazers and gold block heels from Mr Price
Pic cred: 




I love dressing up and putting outfit ideas together, but to let you in on my secret, I was never the one to experiment. I always kept it safe. One reason was that I didn’t think certain styles would look good on me, and the other was just me being afraid. As years went by, I realized that an individual’s style is just that, that of the individual.




There will be people who don’t agree or relate with your style and there will be those that relate fully. In honesty, I did get the “those shoes are ugly” or “that dress doesn’t look nice” comments. At first it would bother me, really so but then most of the time those comments came from people outside my niche, people whom I personally would not dress like either. People who don’t experiment and who keep it safe.

That’s when the positive self-talk happened. I told myself to trust me, not to doubt my capabilities because at most, when it comes to my style inspiration, the good comments I get outweigh the negative ones. Being stopped on the streets just for someone to ask where I got a certain item of clothing or just to tell me they love how I wore something, is all that matters.

I get so much joy knowing that with my style I inspire people out there.





Outfit details: H&M

Patent kitten heels: Foschini