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Lol,lol,lol… Why am I laughing you may ask, because I heard the most bizarre thing ever! A mother not speaking to her 10 year old daughter! Hey??*puzzled look* How does that happen. According to her (mother), this cute looking little girl lost her school jersey. First let’s address the “how I know this” part. I overheard her telling the cashier at one of my favorite clothing stores. I swear I was not eaves dropping, but as we all know ears don’t have doors, they hear everything even when you don’t want to… there, done!

To continue, she was so mad at her daughter that she was not talking to her. She claimed she did not speak to her all the way from school to the shops and she’s planning not to. I stood there thinking, I don’t know to what extent a child would have to go for me to say I am mad at him/her. Let us define a child: According to The Children’s Act of 2005 in line with section 28 (3) of the Constitution, any person under 18, unless married or emancipated by order of court, is a child. Having read that, it’s safe to conclude that the child age is between 0-18 years.

Between the 0-18 years, some teenagers are a story for another day. But let’s talk about the age where they have not yet hit puberty and the world still seems a fairy tale and nothing could go wrong, safely 0-12 years. At this tender age all they know is playing, eating, watching cartoons, sleeping etc… Yet there’s a person who can say they are not talking to or mad at a child.

How do you stay mad at someone that looks like a zombie when they come home from playing with their friends, so tired they can barely keep their eyes open, fall asleep while eating dinner, don’t remember being carried to bed when they dozed off on the couch while watching TV?



If I may give my opinion or view on the matter, do not become emotional when addressing or dealing with an issue concerning the actions of the child. Instead try to understand what could have led to them doing what they did. As much they are forgiving beings, who don’t hold grudges whatsoever, they’re also fragile beings. Maybe in the situation above the mother could have told her child that the next time she loses her jersey, the money to buy another one will be taken from her allowance or she won’t get this or that because the money will be used to buy a new jersey. And if it does happen that she loses it again, the mother stick to her word to teach her the consequences of her actions. But to take the decision that she’s not talking to her, I disagree.





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