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Oh the truth in this quote though!!! Since I’ve started the concept of positive thinking, I rarely see the bad in situations. I don’t know if it’s the universe aligning my thoughts to my actions or is it just the positive mindset that leads me to act and live positively.

I’m no guru or Ms know it all regarding  laws of attraction, but what I do know is that a positive mind leads to  positive thoughts which in turn leads to positive actions. Yes there are times when no matter what you try to do things just happen the way they want to happen. I’ve been frustrated a couple of times, I’ve been in situations where I wanted to throw in the towel but the instance I allowed the emotions to just be, do whatever it is it thinks it wants to do, I found myself slowly reverting to speaking positively to myself.



I’ve met both positive and negative women in my lifetime. The latter always finding fault in a situation even when there’s good in it, if only they could see it. I always tell them that there is something phenomenal in speaking words of encouragement to yourself. I’ve done it both, speaking down on myself and speaking positively. I’ve found that the latter was more rewarding. You feel so good afterwards and honestly nothing and no one can bring you down from there on. It is not always easy to see the positive in a situation when all hope is lost, but tuning your mind with positive thoughts can make things easier to bear or think of.

 When things get to a point where positive thinking just flys out the window and doesn’t want to come back,  I say the following to myself:

‘Yiguqule eyami intando. Ifanise naye Yakho. Susa konke ukwesaba. Mayenzeke intando Yakho.’

Convert my will. To be like Yours. Remove all fear. Let Your will be done.’




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