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Oh the truth in this quote though!!! Since I’ve started the concept of positive thinking, I rarely see the bad in situations. I don’t know if it’s the universe aligning my thoughts to my actions or is it just the positive mindset that leads me to act and live positively.

I’m no guru or Ms know it all regarding  laws of attraction, but what I do know is that a positive mind leads to  positive thoughts which in turn leads to positive actions. Yes there are times when no matter what you try to do things just happen the way they want to happen. I’ve been frustrated a couple of times, I’ve been in situations where I wanted to throw in the towel but the instance I allowed the emotions to just be, do whatever it is it thinks it wants to do, I found myself slowly reverting to speaking positively to myself.



I’ve met both positive and negative women in my lifetime. The latter always finding fault in a situation even when there’s good in it, if only they could see it. I always tell them that there is something phenomenal in speaking words of encouragement to yourself. I’ve done it both, speaking down on myself and speaking positively. I’ve found that the latter was more rewarding. You feel so good afterwards and honestly nothing and no one can bring you down from there on. It is not always easy to see the positive in a situation when all hope is lost, but tuning your mind with positive thoughts can make things easier to bear or think of.

 When things get to a point where positive thinking just flys out the window and doesn’t want to come back,  I say the following to myself:

‘Yiguqule eyami intando. Ifanise naye Yakho. Susa konke ukwesaba. Mayenzeke intando Yakho.’

Convert my will. To be like Yours. Remove all fear. Let Your will be done.’




“Pretty words are not always true and true words are not always pretty.”


Why do we as people generally ask for advice? Why do we see the need to go to someone to seek their opinion on a matter? Wouldn’t it be easier to follow your intuition and go with what it tells you?

I find it rather confusing when a person comes to me for advice or my opinion  on a matter only for them not to want to hear what I have to say. You don’t have to like it, but hear me.

When a person asks for advice, I  would think they should listen to what you have to say, not what they want you to say. This is where the question of best friend compared to a true friend comes in. It’s been said that a true friend will tell you that you want to hear and a best friend will tell you, wait for it, THE TRUTH!!!

As much as the truth is a hard pill to swallow, it needs to be said. Lying to a person because you don’t want to hurt their feelings or you think they will not be able to handle the truth is just as bad. Don’t come across as being judgemental of course but lay it out there as it should be.

It took me a while to master the ‘tell it like it is’ concept. I admit there are instances where I should have been honest with someone but because of the fear of hurting them with the truth, I comforted them with a lie (corny but true). Telling it like it is doesn’t mean to be brutal, after all it is another human being, it is being honest with how you perceive the situation. If the next person doesn’t appreciate your hhonesty, that’s on them. Rather walk out knowing that you said the truth, nothing else but the truth.


IMG_2962-01-800x533IMG_2959-01-600x900IMG_2912-01-800x800 I’m wearing:

Top-New Look

Leggings -Rage



Photographer: Lereko Motseko 



Simplicity goes a long way. You don’t have to try too hard to look stylish. You’d be surprised at your potential of putting together an outfit effortlessly and most of the time that is when you actually master the art of dressing stylish. What I’ve realised is that when I think too much about what to wear, I end up not liking the outfit I’ve picked out.

Go with the flow, you’ll amaze yourself.

For a lunch date I picked out the ankle grazers first, I then chose the white top and the velvet Mary Jane shoes. I picked the metallic bomber jacket to complete the outfit and to add some sparkle, because we all deserve it!

Oh,and a sneak peek of my lunchdate.



Outfit details: Mr Price

Photo credit to my lunch date 😉




Cut-off shoulder shirt, striped shorts, kitten heel ankle boots and accessories. You’re all set for your lunch date or meeting the ladies for drinks.





Shirt from Woolworths

Striped shorts from Mr Price

Kitten heel ankle boots from Foschini




Wife, mom, full time employee (8-4, Monday to Friday), part time student; that’s my “profile” in a nutshell. My son keeps me on my feet the minute I get home from work. I then have to make sure supper is ready for the family, spend quality time with hubby after putting my son to bed, you might as well  throw in there school books while you’re at it, assignments and studying. And then I get stares when I say I’m having me time. Me time is me taking my son to my parent’s house for a week or so which gives me time to either go out or just chill at home with a glass of wine, my favorite food and watch movies all day without having to worry about certain things concerning my son. By doing that, to some people, I come across as abandoning him to have a good time.


No, I will never abandon my son. Me time is me taking care of myself so I can better take care of him. What use am I to him if I’m worn out? What use am I to him if I can barely play with him? I was telling my friend the other day that I do not and will not feel bad for putting myself first. I deserve to pamper myself; I deserve to go out, treat myself to a delicious meal; a full body massage, a shopping experience if I want to. That does not mean I love my son or family any less or that their well-being is not important to me. Their well-being is the most important thing to me hence I need to be in full ‘working” mode, not washed out, to ensure that they are well taken care of.

Women are like fuel that keeps a car moving. With no fuel a car won’t move. Or if the fuel is not of good quality, the car will get damaged… The woman of the house needs to be well taken care of, so the household can “stand.”

So ladies, do not wait to be taken care of, do it yourself. Your family will thank you.

Would a lady who does not take care of herself look this good??? I doubt it!





What I’m wearing…

Outfit 1: Top-PQ, Skirt-Mr Price, Ankle Boots-Foschini, Bag- Zoom 

Outfit 2: Jacket-Jet, Top-PQ, Kitten heels- Mr Price