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“Good morning. May I please speak to Ms Black?”

“Mrs Black”, I said.

“Sorry, Mrs Black” he said on the other side of the telephone line.

During our conversation he apologised for calling me Ms. Black, because deservedly I am Mrs Black, a title that I earned and should be called by, he said. He continued to say most women wish to be called Mrs, they long for it. I told him that I didn’t correct him because it was a title I deservedly earned, as he put it. I corrected him because I am not Ms Black. I am Mrs. Black. Ms Nkambule, maybe, but definitely not Ms Black.


I guess he still felt the need to discuss this topic which I thought was unnecessary. I didn’t want to hear him telling me about women who still wish to be Mrs. somebody, or that some women are desperate for marriage. To be frank, I should have stopped him right there because what he said next, took my blood pressure all the way up (Fat Joe’s tone)!!! My blood was boiling, I could feel my skin becoming hot!! He said being married is an achievement!!!! An achievement for women!!! Really? Is that what some men think out there? That marriage is an achievement for women?!

Women don’t see marriage as an achievement. We see building a legacy for ourselves as an achievement, acquiring educational qualifications as an achievement, having our names being accredited at well-known institutions as an achievement, climbing the corporate ladder as an achievement, being successful entrepreneurs as an achievement! How about that!!


But what could have led him to come to that conclusion? Did he get it from women he normally has conversations with? Because if that is the case, there’s a huge problem out there!

His statement really got me worried. It got me thinking whether this is what little girls / young women are being taught out there, that marriage is an achievement! I certainly hope not. Little girls can’t grow up with that mentality, no way! There are plenty of things that can be classified as an achievement; getting good grades, being professors, professional athletes, being engineers and successful business women to name a few.


So, if marriage is an achievement, what about women who are not married and will never marry. Are people going to say they have not achieved anything in life?

Such mentality!!!!*rolling eyes*




Outfit details: 1. Suit-Mr Price, Pleated shirt- Mr Price, Ankle Boot (Old)- Jet

2. Suit- Mr Price, Floral shirt- Mr Price, Heels (Old)- Woolworths


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