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January 2017


When growing up, mother used to visit the shops once a week (if not more). She would always buy an item of clothing for herself. When she got home, before dad said anything, she would start telling him how there was a sale at so and so store and she got (whatever it is that she would have bought) at a discount price. Mama’s closet is full of clothes, as of this day, but according to her, she always had nothing to wear or she would always need that one extra item of clothing to complete her closet. This went on for as long as I can remember. I never thought I would inherit that habit!!!


Fast forward 20+ years later, I have become mama. I work in the city center so I am literally surrounded by clothing stores, galore!!! I try not to shop once a week or more like mama, but most of the time I don not succeed. Fortunately (convincing myself), I have a sense for bargains. I even know when most stores will have discounted prices and when. That is a good thing right? I mean i save. Like mama, when hubby asks about something I bought, I first tell him how I got it at a discounted price, go on to calculate how much I have saved, then answer his question, My closet is full of clothes that I can wear for years to come but like mama there is that one item I need to complete it.

Thinking about this “habit”, I ask myself whether it is good or bad. Whether I am buying at discounted price or not, is it good or bad to clothes once a week or more? Sure I love looking good, I mean after all it has been said “when you look good, you feel good”, but is it wise to spend on clothes every week?  Yes I am my mother’s daughter, but do I need to repeat thus habit that I know is “bad”? Definitely not! So, I told myself I’m going to make my clothes work for me. Mix and match so that I don’t feel  I need that one extra item to complete my closet.

Check out the pics below where i played around wearing a jumpsuit and pairing it with two different jackets and shoes.

My experience….